Depression will affect one in three people to some degree during their lifetime. In many cases, doctors are very quick to offer medication to combat the problem. However, as an experienced counsellor and trained psychotherapist, I am able to treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety from my Croydon practice.

With over fifteen years’ experience, Sarah Rutter Counselling can offer a wide variety of solutions tailored around you and your particular symptoms.

There are a number of symptoms of depression, and the severity of these is likely to vary from person to person. They may include changes in your eating or sleeping habits, feeling a need to withdraw from your “normal” life, feeling tired or lethargic or having persistent thoughts of self-harming or suicide.

Because there are so many forms of depression, I believe that no two forms, whether they are manic depression, postnatal or seasonal affective disorder, should be treated in the same way.

The aim of counselling is to examine whether there is a root cause to the symptoms. Whilst some people may experience a trigger such as bereavement, upheaval or a breakdown in their relationships, others may have no trigger at all and are simply predisposed to becoming depressed from time to time. It may be that hormones or genetic factors are to blame and changes in age could be a cause of your feelings.

The aim of counselling for depression is to firstly understand the root cause but then to work on ways to combat the feelings so that in the event of them persisting or resurfacing again, you have the tools you need to manage your symptoms and prevent depression from taking over your life.

If you would like to discuss your symptoms and feelings of depression, Sarah Rutter Counselling can help you to take the first step. Contact me today to book a confidential appointment.


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